Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why Psalmples (concluded)

I started a post a long while back addressing the purpose and function of this blog, in a post titled "What's the Point?". I discussed how I got started writing Psalms, and promised to return to discuss why I am keeping this blog.

The primary reason: to confront perfectionism.

I have a general tendency to overstretch the reasonable expectations of excellence. And though there may not be anything wrong with that in and of itself, it becomes a problem when it inhibits deliverables. Standards are good to have, and set high, but if I never produce anything because everything I do isn't "perfect" in my eyes, what good is doing anything at all?

So, the primary reason I post Psalmples is to offend my own urgent need to produce a perfect product. I read in a blog once that the author would post "typos and all" - and that touched me. I thought I might be able to post my "typos" - imperfections in song writing/recording that I would otherwise be inclined to delete (or at least re-record 15 times until it was reasonably perfect). I've started that process, and it's been quite liberating.

A secondary reason is to have something to share with anyone who hears my music and would like to hear it again and again, or hear some more.

We are commanded to "meditate on God's Word day and night"... something that may seem like a burdensome task to a person. But I seem to have found a loophole... it's called "getting a catchy song stuck in my head." The catchy song just happens to also be the Word of God - so I can walk down the hall at work and whistle, hum, and sing the Scriptures. Day and Night... and others are catching on, too.

So that's why...

Monday, May 6, 2013

John 4:13-14, 7:37-38

Had a wonderful night of worship tonight which included Psalms: 119 (Tau), 91, 92, 8, 17, 23.
Some new verses from John 4 and 7 also came out of the worship time...