Sunday, October 9, 2011

Psalm 119:9-16 Beth NKJV

This Sunday my pastor said "Isn't it funny how many times God commands us to do something that's impossible?" He went on to add that almost all of God's commands are in fact impossible - apart from God. But He empowers us to do them. "His word is designed to keep us desperate for Him," he said. Isn't that awesome?

Seriously, how can a young man cleanse his way? How can a young person not be caught up in all the things that would pull one down - immorality of every sort, temptations on every tv channel and every facebook ad, peer pressure, and many others I haven't even listed. It is definitely impossible. And yet the answer is simple:

Take heed to God's Word. Seek Him with the whole heart (do everything you can do on your side) and then cry out to Him for Him not to let you wander from His commandments (do you think He wouldn't answer a prayer like that?)

I'm not suggesting this out of theory. I don't have any ministerial training, no degrees of theology, or anything of the sort. My teaching is based in experience. I was a young man who was defiled in many ways, and God cleansed my way through His blood, and through His word. There is hope. God's Word is the way.

Enjoy Psalm 119:9-16 - Beth.

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