Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts on Psalm 119 - Introduction

"Lord, help me to fall in love with Your Word."

I first prayed that in 2006. I had an encounter with Jesus several months prior, and had come to realize that the Bible was in fact the Word of God. So I sought the Lord that I might have a greater appreciation for it.

Within a short time, I came across Psalm 119, and I learned that this is one of God's answers to this request. And for a number of years, I have written music, sung, and meditated on this Great Psalm. Countless times I have drawn strength from this well.

So today I embark on a journey to accomplish two tasks:
  1. Make a short commentary on each verse.
  2. Record the music I have written. 
I have set a goal to post the commentary on Mondays and Thursdays - going through 8 verses in 4 weeks time. And in that same 4 weeks, I will record the music to each section of 8 verses and post it along with the commentary.

In doing so, I hope to dive deeper into that request I made of the Lord: that I might fall in love with the Word of God.

I hope you do too.